7 easy activities for toddlers stuck at home

Running out of ideas? Baby climbing the walls?? Here are 7 activities we do with our toddlers at home – no special equipment required!

  1. Mini sensory experience – close the blinds and make the room dark, let her push the button on a torch to put a light on, or shine disco lights, or play birdsong / forest / or animal noises. You can play with scarves by moving them through the air

2. Blowing bubbles (if you have) – if not, improvise by squeezing an empty bottle in a bubbly bath or bowl of washing up liquid

3. Washing up / playing in water. Always a winner!

4. Preparing food (& eating it)

5. Coloring on a big paper on the floor

6. Practicing our animal noises! (Pictures and noises of the animals)

7. Baby yoga – We put the yoga mat on the floor and do our own versions of baby yoga – practice jumping like a frog, slithering like a snake, moving like a monkey, or singing “row row row your boat” etc

After all that we reward ourselves with a banana in the skin (like a monkey)

We are really into monkeys 🐒