Tall trees, green spaces, and hundreds of cats, AUB is a great place to take the kids for a breath of fresh air. Sadly it’s only open to visitors within strict hours. We sent Jaleesa co-founder Angela to investigate how to get access on demand. Read her eight surprising hacks  and see what works for you.

What doesn’t work 

  1. Join the gym? Nope sorry! You have to be a dependent of staff or faculty.
  2. Send your kids to ACS? Sorry, no! Only International College (IC) staff are allowed in, through their own connecting gate. 
  3. Persuade the guards on the door? Many times I’ve chanced it by showing the guards my baby’s big sad eyes and asking if the can come in to see the pussycats. I’ve been refused more times than I’ve been allowed in, especially since security tightened this year. Call me British but that’s just getting embarrassing… 
  4. Try the side and lower entrances? Nope! Nice try, but it doesn’t work. The sea entrance doesn’t allow visitor and the guards on all the side entrances are equally well briefed as the ones on the main gate. And if you walk all the way down to the sea entrance and get refused, you’re stuck on the Corniche in the sun with a baby. Not worth it. 

What does work

  1. Go within opening hours. From Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm, you can take a free tour from one of the AUB volunteers. Check out the online map for a preview.
  2. Make friends with someone who has an AUB ID – ideally someone living nearby or on campus. All staff and faculty members, and their spouses, have AUB IDs. They have to put your name on the door, or literally walk with you through the gates.
  3. Sign up for a part-time course. Courses average $500-$600 each per term. 

If you can’t beat em, join em. Apply for AUB job vacancies here.

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