Summer is officially upon us and as parents we’re constantly looking for things to do with the kids. Beirut is not the easiest place to just get out of the house and unleash those little energy balls into green spaces, so we’re all working (quite) hard to find a place where our kids can run wild and free. Increasingly, and to parents’ greatest joy, little parks have been opening their doors in Beirut for us to feel a bit better about our kids’ play time. Also, there are lots of places to visit across the country which offer a great deal of outdoor satisfaction. Here are 5 we’ve tested for you:

In Beirut

1- Riverlane Park

Sin el fil, Beirut, Lebanon

At riverlane, you will find a small pond with a few ducks for your kids to feed, a few slides and climbing spots, and sand for little ones to build sand castles. A few tables are set for parents to relax, drink something cold and watch their kids spend a bit of energy before heading home for bath time.

2- Cottonwood

Dbayeh, Beirut, Lebanon

Cottonwood’s playground is quite vast with fun for all ages, from toddlerhood to teenage years. It also serves as a great venue for events such as birthdays and large family gatherings. There’s also a football court and a large grass area where families can picnic and relax.

In the Beqaa and in the North

3- Tawlet – Ammiq and Biomass

Bekaa, Lebanon

A few hours drive from Beirut, The two ‘Tawlet’ locations offer a nice green space where the whole family can enjoy the day. These eco-restaurants have a space for kids to play and for parents to have a good time. For lunch, they offer a buffet of Lebanese food – a healthy option for the whole family.

In Jezzine

4- La Maison de la forêt

Jezzine, Lebanon

If you book a cabana for the weekend at Maison de la Foret, you’ll get to spend the most amazing time with your kids, far from the pollution of the city. Apart from the peaceful sounds of nature, there are all sorts of outdoor activities to engage in! Fun!

In Metn

5- Mar Chaaya Farm

Broummana, Lebanon

Only 30 minutes from Beirut (by car), the Mar Chaaya Farm is ideal if you’re looking to kill a few hours in the afternoon to entertain your kids. There are lots of well cared-for animals they can watch and feed, and they get to run around a bit before heading home.

We would love to hear about your favorite locations in Lebanon!

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