Two Ras Beirut cafes for breakfast before 7am

Baby up at 4am? Nothing at home for breakfast? Jaleesa co-founder Angela and baby Teddy (12 months) know the feeling! Check out their two recommendations for kid-friendly cafes open 24-7, in Ras Beirut.

Angela writes:

Was it that long ago that we’d hit a 24-7 café for breakfast after a night out? Seems like forever. Now if we see the dawn, it’s because the baby is up at 4.

If you’re based in Ras Beirut, I recommend two relatively kid-friendly places you can take your insomniac baby for a decent breakfast. Neither place is really designed for kids and neither has high chairs or nappy changing tables (nor, for that matter, amazing coffee). But both are friendly, open 24-7, clean enough, and walkable distance for families in Hamra and Ras Beirut. 

These guys have saved us from the long wait for other places to open – on those days where you feel that by 9am it should be lunchtime.

Abou Hassan

  • Location: Tucked away in the Manara area. Map.
  • Tel: 01 750 227
  • Menu highlights: Fattet Abou Hassan, at 7,000 LL including bread and vegetable plate.
  • Kid friendly food: There are eggs, labneh and fresh baked bread. 
  • Coffee: Arabic coffee only (no espresso etc). 
  • What’s fun about it: The oven is in a converted van parked on the street. Plenty of action for the kids to watch. Waiters are kid-friendly and don’t seem to mind if the floor is littered with food when you leave. 
  • Be aware of: If you’re breastfeeding, consider taking a scarf as the street side terrace is quite public. 


  • Location: the far end of Bliss Street, opposite AUB Dorm Entrance. Map
  • Tel: 01 371 305
  • Menu highlights: Manoushe + fresh baked croissants. 
  • Kid friendly food: The guys made a bowl of strawberry and banana specially for Teddy. 
  • Coffee: Barista brand (distinct cardamom flavour)
  • What’s fun about it: Managers Ali and Hassan bent over backwards to make us comfortable. There’s an outdoor terrace, and the placemats are just begging to be coloured in (bring your own crayons).
  • Be aware of: The terrace is upstairs and there’s no lift – but staff will help you get pushchairs etc up the stairs. 

For services to parents, Abou Hassan and A-305, I salute you. 

Got other breakfast recommendations? Comment below! We will be happy to add your tips to help other parents.

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