How do I keep my baby cool in the summer?

When the temperature is in the 30s every day, we need a strategy for keeping kids cool. Here are my 7 tips for protecting baby’s health AND not going insane with boredom.

  • go out for walks in the early morning (5-8am lol yes baby wakes up super early – check out my two favourite 24h cafes) and evening (after 6). At other times take car / short walks only. If very hot and out walking, rig up a muslin or scarf over the buggy to keep all the sun off baby.
  • keep house cool with AC on all the time
  • stay in the air con as much as poss during the day. Have lunch in air con restaurants (sadly precludes terrace dining!) Do activities in malls with air conditioned playgrounds, rather than outdoors. Hanging out in malls may sound a bit crappy, but at least the babes can let off some steam and not overheat.
  • encourage playing in water! Shower or paddling pool several times a day, in the shade / indoors. We bought a mini-paddling pool to save water. Be in the sea (if clean) or shaded swimming pool as much as poss. Also has added benefit of being super fun for all.
  • have baby’s water cup to hand at all times. Add ice / watermelon / other yummy things in the water to keep him motivated to drink. Ours loves aniseed for some reason.
  • we bought a spray bottle in the supermarket for $1 and all enjoy setting up a fan and spraying (bottled) water into its stream. Cools us down and also hilarious.
  • you can also make milk or fruit juice ice lollies using a mould you can buy at supermarket. Or obv you could just buy popsicles! Ha.

I hope these are useful! We’d love to know how YOU make the hot weather fun – click below to comment. You might also like our 5 best outdoor locations for kids in Lebanon. Happy summer!

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