How do I deal with my baby’s motion sickness?

Babies getting car sick is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Especially in Beirut where the traffic can make journeys jerky, and short cuts through the side streets can mean lots of winding and turning. We scoured the internet and asked all our friends for tips, and here is their top advice.

Motion sickness is caused when the baby’s brain can’t reconcile what it sees, with what the body feels. It sounds so simple, but it can be soul destroying and a real pain to deal with. Here are six tips to make it more manageable.

  1. Learn to live with it. Motion sickness usually gets much better by the time a baby is two. That might seem light years away, but you will get there! Stay strong! It will be much easier for you if you take a relaxed approach. (I find this much easier said than done.)
  2. If you take taxis, get the driver on your side. Explain that your baby sometimes gets sick in cars and ask them to drive smoothly and stay on main roads where possible. Many drivers are parents themselves and will be very understanding. Consider upgrading to an Uber Select or ask your taxi company for a nicer car – newer, more luxurious models tend to give a smoother ride.
  3. Use a car seat. Not just for safety, but also so you can have both hands free to deal with any cleanup operations. When a baby starts sitting in a forward facing car seat, symptoms might reduce.
  4. Be prepared. Some friends told us they used to strip their baby down to her nappy for long journeys, to avoid changing outfits later. Others suggested getting a plastic or pelican bib to catch any spillage and protect clothes. Put all this in a separate bag with tissues, wipes, extra water, hand sanitiser, and plastic bags for trash. We call ours the ‘vom kit’ and make sure we have it handy for any trips.
  5. Don’t feed within 45 minutes of a trip. Giving your baby time to digest their lunch will reduce the risk of seeing it again.
  6. Plan journeys for nap time. Sleeping babies puke less.

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