How to recycle in Beirut

How are your New Years’ resolutions going? One of ours is to live more sustainably– and we’re not the only ones!

Parents in our community care a lot about creating a sustainable future for ourselves and our children. Beirut isn’t the most eco-friendly city (lol), but that just means we have lots of room to grow! What better example can we set for our kids and communities?

To celebrate the new year (seriously, where does the time go?), we put together a list of resources for recycling in Beirut.

Recycle Beirut

This is a great social impact initiative that solves two problems in one: the waste crisis and the refugee crisis. Syrian refugees are employed to come to your house or building, and collect your recyclables, sort them, then send them on to recycling factories. Skeptical? Contact the team to organize a special tour of their facility. The cost is $10 per pickup.

Recycle Beirut takes all non-organic materials, except chips bags and styrofoam. This includes electronics, clothes, and batteries. Recycle Beirut operates in Beirut, Baabda, and Metn districts.

Live Love Recycle

Download the Live Love Recycle app, then request a free pickup for your recyclables. No need to sort: LLR will sort it all for you after pickup. LLR operates in partnership with Arc en Ciel and WFP.

LLR takes paper, cardboard, plastic, nylon, metal, and cans. For the moment LLR only operates in Beirut.


Everyone is always asking on our WhatsApp and email lists about where to donate clothes and shoes. FabricAID is our favorite option. It’s a startup that collects gently used clothes and shoes (you can drop them off at their bins throughout Beirut and the Metn). Once cleaned, FabricAID makes them available for low prices (500 – 2,000LL) so underprivileged families benefit from your donations in a sustainable and dignified way.

Here is a map of FabricAID’s bins: