Christmas Crafts: recycled tree ornaments

We rounded up a few links from the web and our moms groups for DIY Christmas crafts to do with your kids next month that will make your Christmas tree not only more personal, but more beautiful. Or put together a pile of throwaways and ask your Jaleesa babysitter to get creative with your kids!

Now that Independence Day is past, there’s been a lot of chatter on our moms groups about how to do Christmas sustainably. Tonnie, mom of an infant, told us why she cares about teaching her baby to celebrate responsibly:

‘I guess when I thought about my baby’s first Christmas, I thought that I’d love to inspire him to be the type of person who creates, makes, repairs, shares, rather than just buys. A type of person who cares about the planet, animals and others. I thought the only way to ‘teach’ this is to make it our lifestyle in the smallest things, and how better to start than in our family traditions, including Christmas.’

Oh sorry, there’s just something in our eye… definitely not crying at our desks……

Here are our top links to get creative at home this Christmas. You can also ask your Jaleesa babysitter to do these and keep the kids off your hands while you get wrapping…

Which of these crafts will you do with your kids this year? I’m obsessed with these adorable cork reindeer!


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