These 3 nurse-approved tips will keep your family healthy this winter

The best way to get over a cold? Don’t get one in the first place.

‘Lol’, you say. ‘I have kids in school.’ It’s true that colds spread faster in schools than anywhere else, and there’s no failsafe way to keep yourself and your family from getting sick. But teaching your kids these three habits can significantly cut down the risk of them– and the rest of you– getting sick.

As part of their training, all Jaleesa babysitters learn cold prevention best practices. Some child carers have special expertise, like Oussayma. Oussayma is a five-star Jaleesa babysitter, and a student in her last year of training at the Lebanese Red Cross nursing institute. She shared with us her top tips for cold prevention this (and every) winter.

These aren’t rocket science, or breaking news, and yet who isn’t guilty of a hygiene slip-up? Instill these habits early in your kids, and be a good example: it’ll save days of sniffly misery this winter.

  • Wash your hands often, and properly (here’s how). This means before eating, after touching others, right when coming in the house. Wet your hands with warm water before applying soap, and lather for at least 40 seconds. Sing whatever song they’re into at the moment while you’re washing your hands together to make sure you’re lathering long enough (Oussayma recommends the Happy Birthday song, twice). If you’re around someone who has a cold already, wash your hands twice as often.

    Also: hand sanitizer is not a replacement for soap and water. Throw it away and wash your hands instead.
  • Don’t touch your face. Germs live on your hands, and are transferred to your body by touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Besides, rubbing your eyes causes wrinkles. So hands off!
  • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve. Teach your kids to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, and not with their hands! Germs on hands get transferred as soon as they touch something (you or their siblings, most likely). Even Elmo knows this one.

Got a question about keeping your family healthy this winter? Post it below and Oussayma will write you back.


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