Unlock your child’s learning through play

Jaleesa Chief Operating Officer Christelle Fakhoury explains how, based on her 15 years of experience, well designed fun activities can enhance learning for kids of all ages.

As a mother, I know that creating an environment for children to play and still have an educational and structured learning experience is not always easy. However, incorporating play time and fun into education is important for their development of critical skills such as team building, storytelling, and creative thinking. This unique blend of fun entertainment with education and learning is cleverly coined “edutainment,” an approach that is beneficial for all types of learning through playing. The act of “playing” can often have an even stronger role in supporting a child’s long-term development.

Edutainment is one of the most important elements that Jaleesa trains their sitters to incorporate into their interactions with your children, and from our experience with C2C is the future of children’s development and learning.

Some benefits to edutainment include:

  • Engaged learning: By having fun while learning children absorb more information by being engaged throughout the entire learning process. It also improves motor skills and creative thinking and problem solving while learning.


  • Learning retention: Children learn best by using their hands and
    experimenting with new ideas and concepts. The act of doing while learning enhances their retention of important information because they can associate it with a concrete action such as a story they made up or a game they played.



  • Improved social skills:  Edutainment allows children to develop more interactive social skills and team building opportunities that build higher confidence and ability to adapt to social settings in the future.


  • Positivity and resilience: By creating a fun environment for children to learn and absorb information, they are able to overcome challenges (like solving a tough math problem) in a playful way, therefore developing a more positive approach to education. Play allows children to achieve small goals while learning, and this sense of accomplishment can often lead to long-term positivity in a child’s development.

This is why Jaleesa is so important. Jaleesa has a commitment to quality child care, as well as providing customized edutainment opportunities from arts and crafts, coloring and games.

What are your favorite edutainment activities and experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

Christelle Fakhoury is COO of Jaleesa and formerly Managing Partner of C2C, an events company she founded in Beirut in 2004. Its mission is to provide children and youth with opportunities that enhance social, emotional and physical development.


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