4 ways arts and crafts supports learning

Back to school season is in high gear, and now is the time to find ways to further your child’s learning inside and outside the classroom.

Our Jaleesa sitters know how important these after school learning opportunities can be. Many of our child carers are teachers themselves and others have a wide-range of expertise in art, robotics, theater, and music.

Arts and crafts is a great way to not only engage them creatively but also support their long-term growth and learning development. Arts and crafts helps develop the following skills:

    • Problem solving and critical thinking Arts and crafts allows children to solve artistic challenges, and plan how pieces will fit together. This ability to think critically about their art projects builds resilience in kids as they overcome challenges.


    • Motor skills Keeping hands busy with even simple activities like coloring supports kids’ physical development.


    • Communication skills and self-expression This one is self explanatory! Kids can express themselves and their budding personalities.


    • Builds self-esteem Finished projects foster a sense of accomplishment and pride.    

Jaleesa child-carers are well equipped to help keep your child learning and engaged after school. Book an after-school session with them today!

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