7 ways Beirut moms handle being pregnant at work

Will and I are expecting our first baby in two months. We are super excited to meet our magic little bean! I still have lots of energy and am working full time. But I feel busier than ever at a time when I want to stay calm and relaxed and rested. I wondered how other moms have managed. So we asked parents for their tips. 

Together we came up with seven tips for managing pregnancy and a busy job.

Good luck and solidarity to all the pregnant mammas out there!

Tip #1: Delegate. More. Even more than you do.

“People seem to like helping pregnant women, so let them. And if that’s not possible at work, get them to help with other stuff – making food, doing the shopping (try Spinneys delivery – not perfect but helps), carrying stuff, any other tasks…”

Tip #2: Stop doing stuff. Seriously.

“At 30 weeks you just can’t do what you used to do (like putting your own shoes on?? Or do you have that joy to come?!) So decide ruthlessly what’s important and what’s not right now (or ever!).”

“Don’t pretend things are fine when they’re not. When I ignored my body telling me to slow down, I just started feeling sick. If you need a rest, take a rest.”

Tip #3: Stop running around.

“Get friends and family to come to you, rather than the other way around.”

Tip #4: Multitask.

“You’ll learn to be an even more amazing multitasker as a mother (I’m bfing mine while typing this!) so get in some practice now – can you plan your week while doing exercise? Can you do exercises while on a work call (given exercise now is low impact stuff)? Can you make work calls while on the move (as walking is slower now)?”

Tip #5. Get decent sleep (and stay hydrated)

“I remember when I was pregnant and working, I would make sure to go to sleep early at night and take naps on the weekends because I felt exhausted all the time. Also, drinking a lot of water helped me feel good (even though it meant lots more trips to the bathroom).”

“You and your baby need good sleep. And it may not be as easy now. So prioritise it. More rest will make you more efficient at work.”

“I wish I had known that I will have many sleepless nights 😬

“The nights are long but the days are short…”

Tip #6. Slow down. Maybe even reprioritise.

“Maybe it’s time to change how much you do. I was advised by good friends to take two whole weeks off before the birth and to “wind down” at least two weeks before that (so around 35/36 weeks). That may sound like a luxury, but does it have to be? Could you renegotiate your terms/ hand over responsibility to someone else? If you can do it when the baby’s here, can you do it (at least partly) now??”

Tip #7: Destress and relax.

“Maternity yoga benefited me with baby number 1. And also loads and loads of music and crazy dancing when no one is around, to vent your day of work.”

How did you manage pregnancy and a busy life? Add your comments below or message us on Facebook. 🙂 More power to the mommas!


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