How to survive January: 6 tips for parents in Beirut

January: it’s grey, there’s still no snow, and spring is a long way off. How to get ourselves, and the kids, back into the daily routine, without losing some of that festive buzz?


Here are our six tips for surviving the bluest month of the year.

1. Make New Year’s Resolutions fun

It’s not too late to set a hopeful tone for the year! Child psychologists say that 7-12 years is the optimal age for kids to make New Year’s Resolutions, because their habits are still developing. Parents Magazine recommends you keep them light, positive and make them together as a family. 

2. Learn a life skill

Equipping yourself with skills to handle the year ahead is great for your brain, and great for the family’s health and welfare. Join Jaleesa’s new programme of learnings for parents, in partnership with Dent de Lait. Our first session is First Aid and CPR for Parents, on 8 January. Later this month we’ll also be offering de-stress yoga for busy moms and dads. Child care is provided – of course!

3. Treats for everyone

Invest Sunday afternoon in making healthy, fun treats with the kids. Top of our list is chocolate hummus (what would teta say!) This fantastic online resource is full quick and healthy treats – all from ingredients in stock at supermarkets in Beirut. For an added mood boost: use the store’s delivery service… and spend the extra time snuggling.

4. Prepare for the traffic

The third Monday of January is believed (by some) to be “the most depressing day of the year”. Equip yourself for the Monday traffic with a kids’ playlist that won’t make you want to crash the car, and keep the zoo calm with some of those healthy treats you baked yesterday. Or maybe your supportive partner would like to handle the school run today..?

5. Stimulate the kids’ brains

January in Beirut is full of amazing activities for kids and family. From Geek Express’ coding workshops to cookery classes for kids and those with special needs, the January blues are no excuse for sitting around.


and finally…

6. Take some time off!

Let a Jaleesa babysitter take the strain: take your other half (or your pals) out for dinner and a movie! We can’t always be superheroes: time to rejuvenate will pay off tomorrow. To meet and book trusted babysitters, click here.



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