Should I provide lunch for my babysitter?

One new Jaleesa mom asked us a great question the day before her first booking. “Should I provide lunch for my babysitter, or will she bring her own food?” Here’s our surprising answer.

In the first months of parenthood – and, let’s be honest, for years after that too! – it can be an effort just to feed the baby and yourself, let alone prepare food for a third person! So the answer is…

You make the rules!

You can agree with your babysitter what works best: either she/he can bring food, or you can provide whatever’s cooking at home. 

With Jaleesa, you and your sitter connect directly, so you can ask this and any other questions at any time.

More questions?

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a mine of useful information about babysitting, and Jaleesa’s services. For answers to this and other babysitting questions, click here.

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