5 Christmas crafts to do at home in Lebanon

Keep children busy in the holidays with these festive crafts. We’ve scoured the web for simple activities that you (or your Jaleesa  babysitter) can easily make with stuff either from home – or, maximum, the dekkane.

The kids are home for the holidays… Great!!


From Lebanese citrus fruits to Tarboush tree ornaments, these top five crafts will keep little hands busy and stimulate the kids’ imaginations.


1. Pomander balls

It’s the season of citrus! Pomelo, clementine, good old orange… With this simple activity you can support Lebanese agriculture and make cute, easy craft decorations that smell amazing at home. You can make these with any kind of Lebanese citrus. Buy balady!




Oranges or other citrus fruits





2. Tarboush tree ornaments

Tarboush chocolate marshmallow treats make great tree ornaments with their sparkly foil wrappers. Buy in bulk and follow these instructions to customise and hang them. Just keep them away from (a) the heater and (b) cats. Oh and (c ) – the kids, at least until after dinner.



Tarboush chocolates

Paper clips

Strong stickers to hold the clips in place




3. Ninja Turtles Tree Ornaments

Cowabunga dude! Make these little guys with your little guys… and then treat everyone to pizza, just like TMNT.



Tree baubles (preferably green)

Scraps of coloured ribbon

Googly eyes (available from large stationery stores)

Scotch tape




4. Peppa Pig decoration

Why do kids go so crazy for Peppa? Who knows – but this isn’t the time of year to fight it. At least you can get the kids away from screens with this crafty DIY decoration. If you don’t have felt lying around, you can make this as a paper or cardboard collage, or with old buttons.



  • Pink/dark pink/beige/white/black coloured felt or fabric (or paper/paints)
  • Ornament hook (or paperclip)
  • Scissors
  • Glue




5. Christmas Bunting

This is a bit more complex, one for you to craft with kids who are old enough for cutting and sticking, and even (never too early to learn…?) ironing. Note: Before you cut up any old clothes, check if they could be used by someone in need. Lebanese social impact startup Fabricaid can take care of it for you.



Christmas fabric (or you could use old wrapping paper)

A glue gun

A piece of cardboard

A ruler and pen

Scissors and pinking scissors (scissors with a serrated edge)

Some ribbon cut to the length you need




We can take the strain!

If you’d like your Jaleesa babysitter to prepare any of these crafts, just ask!
After you’ve clicked ‘book’, use the messaging page to request any activities you like. 

Go to Jaleesa’s search page to get started.

Did you and your babysitter have even better ideas? Share them below so other Jaleesa families can enjoy Lebanese Christmas crafts this season.
Bonnes fetes!

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