Meet Lebanon's New Year Hero Babysitters

New Year’s Eve is a major night in the babysitting calendar…

Meet the 10 Jaleesa heroes giving up their party nights to offer trusted babysitting across Beirut, Mount Lebanon and the Chouf.


Fatima has worked with many kids aged 0-6+ including kids with special needs (autism and Down’s Syndrome). She’s patient and kind, and her Jaleesa review prove she’s great at bedtime stories! 

Beirut/Hamra. Click here to book and chat with Fatima.


Charbel is a born entertainer! He knows how to throw a fun kids’ party – and parents say he is a ‘good example’ and ‘very good with kids’. Charbel was an animator at our Halloween party and kept the kids laughing and playing all evening.

Beirut/Baabdat/Brummana Metn. Click here to book and chat with Charbel.



Jacqueline is a mom and teta and loves looking after small babies, including twins. We love her active spirit and her teacher’s instincts.

Beirut/Baabda/Hazmieh. Click here to book and chat with Jacqueline.


As a child monitor with the International Organisation for Migration, Nour is professional and loving. She has a cheeky smile and a kind spirit!

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Nour.


Mariam worked for three years in a garderie / daycare, so she knows how to handle a bunch of rowdy toddlers! She’s thoughtful and a great listener.

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Mariam.


Rima is a mom of two adorable kids of her own. Her references describe her as ‘detail oriented’ and ‘passion driven’. She is a star!

Beirut & surroundings. Click here to book and chat with Rima.


Mariam has experience with 1 and 2 year olds. She loves crafts, singing and drawing. And she has a great sense of humour!

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Mariam.


Aside from raising four kids of her own, Abeer has worked with many families as a teacher at kindergarten and daycare. She’s kind, caring and always supportive.

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Abeer.


Oussayma is a nursing student who has a wonderful way with young kids and babies. She’s worked on pediatric wards and we know she’ll make a fantastic nurse!

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Oussayma.


Mirna is a great storyteller and loves working with babies. She’s had great reviews from Jaleesa parents, including moms of fussy babies!

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Mirna.


Working with kids at the LAU Summer Camp and in a daycare, Alaa has experience with kids from 1-5 years old, and as a tutor for Grades 1-8. She’ll nurture your kids’ creativity with her fun and open spirit.

Beirut. Click here to book and chat with Alaa.

You can book and chat with babysitters across Beirut, Greater Beirut, the Metn and the Chouf.

Visit and use festive10 at checkout, for a 10% discount throughout December.

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5 kids' Christmas crafts to do at home in Lebanon

The kids are home for the holidays… Great!!


Keep children busy in the holidays with these festive crafts. We’ve scoured the web for simple activities that you (or your Jaleesa  babysitter) can easily make with stuff either from home – or, maximum, the dekkane.

From Lebanese citrus fruits to Tarboush tree ornaments, these top five crafts will keep little hands busy and stimulate the kids’ imaginations.

1. Pomander balls

It’s the season of citrus! Pomelo, clementine, good old orange… With this simple activity you can support Lebanese agriculture and make cute, easy craft decorations that smell amazing at home. You can make these with any kind of Lebanese citrus. Buy balady!



Oranges or other citrus fruits


2. Tarboush tree ornaments

Tarboush chocolate marshmallow treats make great tree ornaments with their sparkly foil wrappers. Buy in bulk and follow these instructions to customise and hang them. Just keep them away from (a) the heater and (b) cats. Oh and (c ) – the kids, at least until after dinner.


Tarboush chocolates

Paper clips

Strong stickers to hold the clips in place


3. Ninja Turtles Tree Ornaments

Cowabunga dude! Make these little guys with your little guys… and then treat everyone to pizza, just like TMNT.


Tree baubles (preferably green)

Scraps of coloured ribbon

Googly eyes (available from large stationery stores)

Scotch tape


4. Peppa Pig decoration

Why do kids go so crazy for Peppa? Who knows – but this isn’t the time of year to fight it. At least you can get the kids away from screens with this crafty DIY decoration. If you don’t have felt lying around, you can make this as a paper or cardboard collage, or with old buttons.


  • Pink/dark pink/beige/white/black coloured felt or fabric (or paper/paints)
  • Ornament hook (or paperclip)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


5. Christmas Bunting

This is a bit more complex, one for you to craft with kids who are old enough for cutting and sticking, and even (never too early to learn…?) ironing. Note: Before you cut up any old clothes, check if they could be used by someone in need. Lebanese social impact startup Fabricaid can take care of it for you.


Christmas fabric (or you could use old wrapping paper)

A glue gun

A piece of cardboard

A ruler and pen

Scissors and pinking scissors (scissors with a serrated edge)

Some ribbon cut to the length you need


We can take the strain!

If you’d like your Jaleesa babysitter to prepare any of these crafts, just ask!
After you’ve clicked ‘book’, use the messaging page to request any activities you like. 

Go to Jaleesa’s search page to get started.

Did you and your babysitter have even better ideas? Share them below so other Jaleesa families can enjoy Lebanese Christmas crafts this season.
Bonnes fetes!

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Staying safe this festive season

We were all shocked and upset by the tragic attack on a young woman in Beirut this weekend.
Coming together as a community is one way we can combat the bitterness and isolation this kind of event can cause. We’ve reviewed the ways we help to keep everyone in our community safe.

Stay safe, stay strong

Our advice to everyone – parent/babysitter, man/woman – is:
1. Don’t walk alone after dark;
2. Take a registered taxi home. Make sure it’s a firm you trust. We have partnered with Careem – use promo code JALEESA for 20% off 5 rides a month. You can review Careem’s vetting & safety advice here;
3. If you’re driving, park in a secure, well-lit area and get someone to walk you to your car;
4. Keep your phone charged. (We are trialling a panic button app to discreetly report anything unusual);
5. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times.
Parents, we’ve updated our FAQs on how to help make sure your sitter gets home safely. The same applies to anyone out late this festive season.

We hope you’ll hold your loved ones close these next few days.

Whenever you need Jaleesa’s trained, vetted and parent-reviewed babysitters, we’re here to help.

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Our new holiday tradition

Usually the holidays sneak up on me. Last year I didn’t even book my ticket home (to see my mother in Los Angeles) until December 22nd, for a red-eye leaving the next day. I did all my Christmas shopping in the Doha airport, and I spent New Year’s Eve on a 14-hour flight from LA back to the Middle East.

This year, I had to plan ahead better. There’s a new member of my family that takes up all my time, keeps me up at night, and reminds me what matters as I consider the year gone by. My new baby’s name? Jaleesa.

Maybe your family has grown this year as well? Have you had to rearrange your priorities to meet changing demands from family, friends, and your career? When talking to parents this season, the Jaleesa team has reflected on what the holidays mean in 2017. Giving back to our communities is one thing many of us can agree on.

So, as a special holiday thank you, we’d like to offer you 10% off your Jaleesa booking this month, with the code festive10.

Jaleesa does all we can to make life easier for families, kids, and babysitters. This fall, we partnered with Careem: members of the Jaleesa community are entitled to 20% off five rides per month with the discount code JALEESA. Order a car for your Jaleesa babysitter after a late booking, or just to avoid traffic headaches in the coming days.

Jaleesa is committed to scaling our social impact as our business grows. Next month we are launching a partnership with daycare extraordinaire Dent de Laitin Sodeco. Together, we’ll be hosting educational events for parents, with Jaleesa babysitters available to look after your children. Proceeds go toward Jaleesa’s subsidized child care for underprivileged families in Burj Hammoud.

Here are some of our adorable beneficiaries:


Finally, we compiled a guide to some beautiful social impact gifts available in Beirut. Proceeds from the sale of each product go toward initiatives working to make Lebanon better.

We listen carefully to customers and babysitters, with the goal of responding to complaints and compliments with equal care. I’d love to hear your thoughts: reach out to me personally at

Our warmest wishes for a cozy holiday season, and a happy, healthy 2018 for you and yours.

Source: jaleesa blog

Beirut's best social impact Christmas gifts

Love the giving spirit of the holidays but bored by the impulse to amass more meaningless stuff? We’ve compiled a short list of fabulous gifts made by social impact businesses. Like Jaleesa, all of these organizations are founded on principles of giving back to their communities. And also like Jaleesa, their products are cleverly designed to make your life easier, during the holidays and all year round.

Two bottles of Lebanese olive oil in GGIL recycled glass bottles

Ziad Abi Chaker and his Green Glass Initiative has struck gold again– liquid gold that is– with this gorgeous case of olive oil. Everything in the package is locally produced or recycled: the oil is made by an elderly farmer in the Saida region, who tends his orchards in a traditional way, without the aid of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The dark green glass bottles are made from recycled wine bottles from Abi Chaker’s street recycling bins project, and are sealed with recycled wine corks and locally tempered safety seal. Finally, the wooden box is made from recycled wine boxes and shipping palettes.

The pack is 65,000 LL, and is sold at Abi Chaker’s stand every Saturday at Souk el Tayeb. For an additional 9,000 LL, you can have yours delivered by bike messenger. For more information send Abi Chaker a Facebook message here, or email

Abi Chaker’s Green Glass Initiative vases and tumblers also make fabulous gifts. They are available at Souk el Tayeb, Plan BEY, Tawlet, and other classy establishments all over Lebanon.

Ghar Collective Aleppo laurel soap

Want to smell like a queen and put money directly into the pockets of Syrian craftswomen? Of course you do. Aleppo laurel soap has been made the same way for millennia, and counts the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra among its famously beautiful fans. Today, batches of the soap are made by Ghar, a cooperative of 50 women in Aleppo, many refugees from other parts of Syria. Proceeds from sales in Dubai, The US, and Hong Kong are enough to pay each woman $150-$200 per month.

To snag a bar, pass by the Syrian Christmas Craft Fair on 7 December at AUB’s West Hall, or Mansion in Gemmayzeh in the evening between 9-15 December to pick up some of the soap that made Aleppo famous. Can’t make it in person? Reach out to the collective via Facebook or Instagram.

Art.Cages antique bird cage lamp

Light up your house (and conscience) with an Art.Cages lamp fashioned from upcycled birdcage. “We chose the cage as a medium because we believe in liberty,” says founder and CEO Ruba el-Amine. “We’re against captivity,” she continues, “for animals and for the human mind.” To that end, 15% of the profits from each sale will go toward Animals Lebanon.

Check out Art.Cages’ pieces, starting at $60, at their pop up shop at the Beirut Souks, in the alley behind Balthazar. Art.Cages is also hosting or attend a sneak preview screening of the new Jessica Chastain film Molly’s Game on 19 December at ABC Achrafiyeh. Tickets are 20,000 LL.

Koullouna gift box

Want to send a little bit of Lebanon to someone abroad? The Koullouna Box is just the thing. Lebanon-themed books, decorative items, food will be delivered to their door in a monthly themed box. The first box’s contents fell under a coffee theme, including a bag of Cafe Najjar coffee, a rakweh, traditional ceramic coffee cups, orange blossom water (for white coffee), and other goodies. 10% of proceeds from the coffee box went toward The Nawaya Network; future boxes will go toward other initiatives in Lebanon “doing the country good,” says founder and CEO Marielle Khayat.

Check out Koullouna’s Indiegogo page to learn more, and to place your order for the next box, to be delivered in March 2018, for €34 plus shipping.

Inaash Palestinian embroidery serving tray

The Inaash serving trays ($50-75) embellished with Palestinian embroidery are the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Amazingly, the Inaash Association has worked in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon for the past 50 years, sending designs and materials to Palestinian women who then work on pillow cases, cushions, and other textiles. The women are paid, then Inaash works the textiles into pieces like these trays or sleek stools.

The pieces are sold at the Inaash Association shop in Ras Beirut near the Saudi embassy. For directions or more details, call 01 744 609. The shop is open from 8 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday 8 AM to 1 PM.

Jaleesa gift card

We at Jaleesa also offer gift cards good for child care in any amount you’d like (starting at $50). We impact our community in three ways: 

  1. We work with NGOs to recruit women from underprivileged communities and train them as child carers
  2. Our non-profit events program funds a subsidized child care fund for underprivileged families living in Bouchriyeh and Burj Hammoud via the NGO BZ KIDZ
  3. Our high quality child care service lets women get back to work sooner after having a baby, should they choose to do so.

To purchase a gift card, email me at or WhatsApp me at +961 76 817 019.

Know another beautiful Levantine social impact product we should add to this list? Leave a comment or email me at or WhatsApp me at +961 76 817 019. Let’s make this a community effort.

And please accept our warm holiday wishes, from the Jaleesa family to yours.

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