The new – AKA “Why am I not at the beach”

Eleven months ago today we launched our lovely Jaleesa website. Today it’s had a major upgrade.

For the first time, parents can now request to book their chosen babysitter online. Very soon, you’ll be able to see all the sitters’ star ratings and their reviews from Jaleesa families.

We worked with a French designer to update our color palette and refresh the site’s design. We want to make sure every Jaleesa experience is professional, and also loving and fun – that’s genuinely how we feel about our work. I hope the new site shows that to everyone who visits.

Everyone in the team was part of the upgrade. Hassan, our Chief Technical Officer, heroically coded the whole thing from scratch (see how quickly those photos load!) Samar has worked hard for months to recruit a truly talented group of sitters (browse their profiles here!) Lara has personally spoken to 10 customers today. Stephanie is inviting our community to visit the site. What a bunch of heroes.

Week by week, we’ll be upgrading the site with new tools to make it even simpler.

I was supposed to go to the beach today. But I would rather be here (confession: I am clicking ‘refresh’ on Google Analytics and checking my phone constantly for feedback).

It’s worth it, though. Because – and I know this might sound crazy, but it’s true…

… it’s never been easier to find a trusted child carer in Lebanon. Literally!

PS: I am manning the Jaleesa Hotline today, so if you feel generous, message or call with your feedback! I’m on +96176817019.

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