Jaleesa babysitters share their thoughts on our first training day

Jaleesa child carers, and the families they work with, take training very seriously. However, on Sunday we proved that training can be seriously fun!

We asked two Jaleesas to tell their experiences with Jaleesa’s first ever induction training. First up: Leya, a psychology student and Jaleesa homework helper:

Jaleesa’s training was great. The two things that interested me the most were the child development session and the First Aid training.

Even Jaleesa CTO Hassan learned a thing or two from Hadi, our Red Cross trainer for the afternoon.

“As a psychology student, definitely I know a lot of the information on child development, but to see this raised my awareness about child development and their needs at every stage. It was great. That sets the ground for a new way of dealing with children.

“On the other hand, the First Aid session was like a need being fulfilled. As I babysat some kids before starting with Jaleesa, I always wondered what if a child started to choke. How would I manage to do what is right? I always wanted to do some First Aid training but never was able to really find the time for it. And here we are– Jaleesa brings a trainer to equip us to deal with every possible situation that might happen. That adds to me much more confidence and freedom knowing I am able to handle with full responsibility the child I am taking care of.”

Pediatric nurse & Jaleesa babysitter Hana delivers a module on child development.

And here’s Samar, also a Jaleesa homework helper and primary school teacher:

“At Jaleesa’s training I really benefited from learning First Aid and CPR. It is so essential to always be prepared for an emergency while I am taking care of a child. Now I feel confident that I know how to deal with an unexpected situation. In addition I found it an enriching experience to meet with other babysitters and learn from them practical knowledge and advice.

“It made me very happy and honored to be part of Jaleesa family. It is amazing to be part of a company that focuses on training their babysitters and providing them with all the support and skills they need to be the best babysitter they can be.”

OK Samar, now we’re blushing 🙂

The training ended with an assessment. All the child carers who successfully passed will have the Induction Training badge added to their profile. If they also passed the Red Cross First Aid training, you’ll see a Red Cross badge on their profile too. If you see these symbols, you can be sure the babysitter or nanny has completed our training with flying colors.

To learn more about our training and vetting processes, click here. If you would like to become a trained Jaleesa babysitter, click here for more information.

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