What makes a great babysitter?

Choosing someone to look after your kids is a huge decision for any family. We asked 100 moms and dads in Lebanon what makes a great babysitter.

They told us their ideal babysitter is:

  • responsible
  • trustworthy
  • reliable
  • and good with kids

It’s also important, said our 100 moms and dads, that babysitters should be over 18, punctual, and get on well with parents.

That’s all very well — but how do you find a carer with all these qualities?

Thanks to these answers from moms and dads, the Jaleesa team have designed an application form and interview, to help us find the right babysitters for families in Lebanon.

We check their experience and qualifications — and also we ask them to tell us what they love about kids.

One of our sitters, Sanaa, 19, says:

“I love how children are honest and they quickly bounce back to their cheerful playful self.”

And here’s Lama, 21:

“I love hearing them laugh, so anything that makes them smile is also fun for me.”

You can check out the full profiles of Sanaa and Lama on Jaleesa’s babysitters page right now — and you can book them within hours (in Beirut and selected other areas).

To see more responsible, trustworthy, reliable, fun babysitters in your area, visit Jaleesa today, or WhatsApp Stephanie at +961 76 817 019.

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