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Back to school

Posted by Angela Solomon on 18-Sep-2017 09:15:00

My goddaughter C is an amazing creature. She's bright and precocious and hungry for everything. She's like a little bird, never entertained by one thing for long. I am completely in love with her. I wish I saw her more often. 


C's little brother M is a different story. He's stocky (his sister is lithe). A little less confident, a little more cautious. He's smart too - he guessed all the punchlines in the book I gave him when we met at the park. But he's a bit more... low-key. He gives the impression of mainly expecting the worst. 

If there's one thing I learned as a diplomat, it's that predictions are usually wrong. But when I think of C and M heading back to their respective schools this season, I feel this premonition of how different their experiences will be. 


C loves school. Like me (until her mother showed up), she will be top of her class. Perhaps, like me, she'll think that doing well at schooldefines her purpose in life - until she realises that success isn't relative, nor something that other people get to decide. 


M will have to work harder for the grades his sister seems effortlessly to achieve. But because he never takes any attention for granted, he'll be popular. He'll learn to be kind before he learns to be clever. He'll wear his disappointments on his sleeve.


They're both brilliant kids - and so is their brother E, who at 2 months old has already charmed everyone with his handsome smile. All three of them will have every chance in life, and, like all children, they deserve it.


As we prepare to send our little ones back to school, I'm conscious how much our destinies can be forged by these formative years. 


To everyone who's sending a son or daughter off to their first-day-at-school: I wish your kids the chance to be their best selves. This year and always.

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Beirut daycares roundup

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 12-Sep-2017 16:33:05


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The new Jaleesa.co - AKA “Why am I not at the beach”

Posted by Angela Solomon on 23-Aug-2017 10:35:43

Eleven months ago today we launched our lovely Jaleesa website. Today it’s had a major upgrade.

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7 Language development activities to do with your toddler

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 06-Jul-2017 15:53:37
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The King of Spain found Jaleesa a client

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 24-May-2017 16:15:59

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What's harder, being Prime Minister, or being a parent?

Posted by Angela Solomon on 20-May-2017 18:31:31
  • I was honoured to present Jaleesa to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri today, along with our Chief Technical Officer Hassan.


    On behalf of Team Jaleesa I asked PM Hariri what was harder: running the country, or being a parent. His answer?

"Well - both are hard..."

PM Hariri said he has to use babysitting skills in his job too - so we invited him to Jaleesa's training    In return, he invited us to hold our next event at the Grand Serail!

Thank you, Mr Prime Minister - see you there!


Watch the video (our short pitch is at 16:51):


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"You are my George & Amal Clooney"

Posted by Angela Solomon on 08-May-2017 19:45:00

Jaleesa’s CEO Angela, on how all our families & babysitters deserve VIP treatment

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Trusted child care? We literally wrote the book

Posted by Angela Solomon on 06-May-2017 20:20:00


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10 reasons to work with Jaleesa

Posted by Samar Choujah on 21-Apr-2017 16:17:05

Hi! I'm Samar. I started working with Jaleesa as a babysitter four months ago and I just can't get enough of it.

I was looking for a job that would be flexible with my  work schedule and with the endless responsibilities of living with my mom alone. I was also looking for an opportunity that will provide me with a quick salary. I am good with kids and enjoy playing with them-- spending time with children takes me to Happyland.  

So if you are like me  looking for a fun flexible job here are 10 reasons why working with Jaleesa is the best job ever!

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A Valentine's gift by Jaleesa

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 06-Feb-2017 21:08:19

Today I had a great chat with Jaleesa dad Karim, who joined the Jaleesa community (along with his wife and adorable son) a few weeks ago. We first met him at the BDL Accelerate conference back in November and were excited to finally have earned his business-- but now he's officially client of the week due to the lovely afternoon of pampering he is planning for his wife as an early Valentine's Day gift! Observe:

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