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Beirut daycares roundup

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 12-Sep-2017 16:33:05


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The new Jaleesa.co - AKA “Why am I not at the beach”

Posted by Angela Solomon on 23-Aug-2017 10:35:43

Eleven months ago today we launched our lovely Jaleesa website. Today it’s had a major upgrade.

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7 Language development activities to do with your toddler

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 06-Jul-2017 15:53:37
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The King of Spain found Jaleesa a client

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 24-May-2017 16:15:59

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What's harder, being Prime Minister, or being a parent?

Posted by Angela Solomon on 20-May-2017 18:31:31
  • I was honoured to present Jaleesa to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri today, along with our Chief Technical Officer Hassan.


    On behalf of Team Jaleesa I asked PM Hariri what was harder: running the country, or being a parent. His answer?

"Well - both are hard..."

PM Hariri said he has to use babysitting skills in his job too - so we invited him to Jaleesa's training    In return, he invited us to hold our next event at the Grand Serail!

Thank you, Mr Prime Minister - see you there!


Watch the video (our short pitch is at 16:51):


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"You are my George & Amal Clooney"

Posted by Angela Solomon on 08-May-2017 19:45:00

Jaleesa’s CEO Angela, on how all our families & babysitters deserve VIP treatment

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Trusted child care? We literally wrote the book

Posted by Angela Solomon on 06-May-2017 20:20:00


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10 reasons to work with Jaleesa

Posted by Samar Choujah on 21-Apr-2017 16:17:05

Hi! I'm Samar. I started working with Jaleesa as a babysitter four months ago and I just can't get enough of it.

I was looking for a job that would be flexible with my  work schedule and with the endless responsibilities of living with my mom alone. I was also looking for an opportunity that will provide me with a quick salary. I am good with kids and enjoy playing with them-- spending time with children takes me to Happyland.  

So if you are like me  looking for a fun flexible job here are 10 reasons why working with Jaleesa is the best job ever!

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A Valentine's gift by Jaleesa

Posted by Stephanie d'Arc Taylor on 06-Feb-2017 21:08:19

Today I had a great chat with Jaleesa dad Karim, who joined the Jaleesa community (along with his wife and adorable son) a few weeks ago. We first met him at the BDL Accelerate conference back in November and were excited to finally have earned his business-- but now he's officially client of the week due to the lovely afternoon of pampering he is planning for his wife as an early Valentine's Day gift! Observe:

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Jaleesa's first babysitter training!

Posted by Angela Solomon on 03-Feb-2017 10:52:16


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